Conducted Laboratory sample preparation procedures used for detection of radioactive, gross alpha and beta particles. Conducted microscopic viewing of chemical analysis of body fluids, including blood, urine, and tissues samples viewed by Doctor. Worked as part of a team to complete tasks such as extractions, near infrared spectroscopy, and sample preparation. Performed permeability test during re-certification audit conducted by the AASHTO auditor. Performed various analysis in accordance with USP, including method validations, method development using GC and HPLC. Performed lab tests to insure products were within quality specifications and monitored plant lines on an hourly basis. Provided assistance to student and teachers seeking technical support with computer-related questions, as well as troubleshooting computer and network-related issues. Maintained Workbench Area-Calibrated Power Supplies-Repaired Test Equipment-Assisted Supervisor with Class Materials-Performed Maintenance on Lab Computers. Performed data collection and organization from clinical trials. Implemented quality control procedures including raw data review and QC data validation. Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician. They analyze water and biosolids on a physical and biological level. Contracted to United Technologies Automotive to assemble test equipment, prototype modules, and individual circuits to engineering specifications. Used balances daily throughout the work day to measure product for various lab tests. Clinical laboratory technicians often complete an associate’s degree program in clinical laboratory science. Coordinated with Project Management team and sponsors to find resolutions to questionable scenarios and unfavorable test results. Processed soil samples and materials, performed QC/QA aggregate and roadway sampling, and distributed materials to other units. Ensured the proper maintenance and operation of laboratory equipment. Performed complex chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological test. Worked on developing additional functionality and system support for the LIMS (Laboratory Information management system) software. Maintained scientific level documentation of test results, maintenance records and testing process development. Practiced aseptic technique under biological safety cabinets and laminar flow hoods. Conducted full-scope lab tests and analysis of building and soil samples to determine lead or asbestos content. Performed Light Transmission (UV), IR, and others, to Packaging Components. Graded assignments for Lab Technician/Professor. Quarantined and disposed of contaminated blood while observing OSHA regulations of hazardous material handling. Prepared reports covering materials scrapped or salvaged. Maintained close coordination with other packaging evaluation personnel, including compatibility setup validation with engineers and QA analysts. Utilized sterile techniques with laboratory equipment within FDA guidelines. Produced technical reports characterizing biochemistry of urban lakes systems. Overview . Cooperated with elite scientists on data collection for numerous scientific experiments. Performed microbiological and chemical testing of finished products, raw materials and associated items as required. Maintained and increased stock cultures of corn callus tissue, using sterile technique under a laminar flow hood. Performed training and competency assessments of lab technicians and assistants. Analyzed accurate and responsive removal of misidentified specimens in order to ensure quality patient test results. Join relevant scientific or trade … Performed laboratory and sample preparation. Resolved any technical support or customer service inquiries, this includes installation instruction. Programmed and maintained Hamilton Robotics, assisted in troubleshooting problems and completed performance qualifications on lab instruments. Processed specimens in Chemistry, Immunology, Urinalysis, Hematology, Coagulation, and Serology departments. Collected water from local streams to identify levels of potassium, nitrates, acidity, and turbidity following documented test plans. Performed EKG's and analyzed arterial blood gas specimens. Recorded calibration and data documentation, quality control testing results and vendor analyses in Laboratory Information Management System (STARLIMS). Laboratory technicians assist chemists, scientists and other laboratory staff by collecting samples and conducting laboratory tests on a broad range of chemicals, and recording the results for further analysis. Tested and validated disposable strip indicators used in blood glucose monitoring, prepared blood samples, performed special studies as needed. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Laboratory Technician resumes they appeared on. Assisted the Microbiologist in preparing media, performing QA/QC's and setting up and reading the various bacteriological tests in use. Executed and sustained laboratory procedures, equipment calibration, control charting, documentation and records in full compliance with quality assurance. Inspected samples regularly to ensure that experimentation met laboratory standards. Conducted laboratory tests in the areas of hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, serology, and immunology. Performed routine calibration and maintenance to test equipment to maintain accuracy. Demonstrated skill in the use of AA machine to perform water sampling and basic maintenance on RO machine. Maintained reference bacterial cultures and lab equipment. Provided functional oversight for the laboratory procedures involved in human plasma particle separation. Provided daily quantification/ qualification of QC/QA for material/lean manufacturing plant. Certified in conducting B-2 level laboratory testing on petroleum-based liquid propellants and fuels utilizing the following ASTM/IP test methods. Maintained accurate records of behavior of certain drugs on animals as well as cleaning and feeding. Maintained algal cultures, screened for bacterial contamination and performed gas chromatography assays. Analyzed test results and identified microorganisms, interpreted tests and quality control results. They are responsible for providing basic care to lab animals such as mice, rats, reptiles, dogs, and primates.People in this position have a lot of compassion for lab animals and their well-being, and treat them humanely and with respect. Much of the laboratory equipment is electronic and computer skills are required. Discarded unsuitable components and ensure proper documentation and data entry of information regarding this process. Proved positive drug screening results were accurate by using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy in house toxicology lab. Involved in practical laboratory demonstration of experiments in microbiology and pharmaceutics for pharmacy regular degree students. Dexterity and good eye-hand coordination are required to collect and prepare specimens and use microscopes and needles. Developed test methods and material specification limits on new products. Performed daily analyses, maintained accurate records of laboratory investigation, and maintaining laboratory equipment and instruments. Exchanged technical information with team members for troubleshooting and process improvement and provided ongoing support. Developed trust and minimized patient discomfort during phlebotomy procedures while efficiently collecting blood specimens. Let prospective lab techs know exactly how to apply and what you need from them. Ensured proper sterilization of glassware and disposal of hazardous materials. Full-time position within the area of Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. Assisted metallurgist, operated all laboratory equipment, collate mineral data, and general metallurgical data entry. Accessioned patient samples into LIMS, and trained new lab users on equipment and proper chemical handling and disposal. Utilized proper specimen handling of bacteriological media as well as handling raw materials for company clientele. Performed QA/QC of laboratory equipment and prepared necessary reagents. Managed and evaluated data, including recording of data and data entry Volunteer. Provided technical maintenance support calibrating, troubleshooting various components insuring that all systems are working according to protocol standards. Quality Control, Calibration, and Microbiology represent a very decent share of skills found on resumes for Lab Technician with 28.04% of the total. Facilitated and implemented test methods, procedures and analysis as needed. What are some important medical lab technician skills? Assisted principal investigators with technical reporting including data entry, statistical analysis, graphical output and word processing. Calculated test results and compared against product specification and reported any discrepancies to the vendor. They must also use critical thinking skills to recognize problems and develop solutions or alternative approaches. Technician coursework addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of each of the major laboratory disciplines. Prepared specimens for Lab Technicians and input requisitions into computer system for physician analysis. Prepped accessioning equipment and maintained sample identity. Documented all problems, troubleshooting and resolution for unacceptable preventative Maintenance and Quality control monitoring the LJ charts. Performed DNA isolation, amplification, and precipitation for Sanger sequencing. Laboratory technicians conduct necessary quality testing to ensure water meets high standards to protect public health. Performed sample preparation of various media for analysis of Strontium-90Utilized various laboratory equipment to prepare samples. Performed data entry to label and process laboratory specimens and recorded and sometimes interpreted results to senior colleagues. Mixing or stirring by: 1. Promoted to head lab assistant after 2 months with commendation from lead lab technician for extreme dependability. Basic computer knowledge (Word and Excel) and skills in lab information systems is desirable [Call to Action] The best performing laboratory technician job descriptions include a well-crafted call to action, which turns potential applicants into actual applicants. Lab Technician Resume Sample (with Skills & Job Description) Lab Technician Resume Sample (with Skills & Job Description) You turn raw samples into science that helps people live longer. Density – Concentration Determination 9. Processed and managed specimens for transport to reference laboratory for testing, maintaining accurate records. Performed phlebotomy and processed laboratory specimens for in-house and send out laboratory testing. Led tablet implementation in association with MTSAR scheduling software; eliminating paper data collection. Performed routine lab tests for a group of eight internists including a hematologist providing extensive contact with chemotherapy patients. Created Waste Disposal permit for the lab with MSDS included on every kit that was used to extract DNA. Produced data collection documents for blood and specimen collection and processing. Proposed and initiated restructuring of Diagnostic Microbiology laboratory curriculum by using classical and Rapid microbiological techniques for the medical students. Analyzed herbicide and pesticide intermediates by gas and high-pressure liquid chromatography. Collaborated with microbiology, hematology, chemistry, serology, and urinalysis departments. Good interpersonal skills are necessary to put patients at ease and build rapport with patients and coworkers. Participated in vaccine production from beginning (inoculation of chicken embryos or primary cell cultures) to final vaccine product packaging. Operated and maintained basic laboratory equipment including pH meters, balances, centrifuges, incubators, and fluorescent microscopes. Performed DNA analysis for criminal casework. Order, receive, and inventory glassware. Ensured the safety of equipment and work area, properly following all procedures and safety guidelines, meeting OSHA standards. Conducted microbiological testing on finished goods per FDA/BAM procedures. Repaired and organized lab equipment and materials. Developed coatings and test methods for microfilm application. Trained and orientated in phlebotomy and other specimen collection procedures and maintained data in automated systems. Maintained accurate records and performed data entry for component production. Conducted major accident investigations as OSHA Inspector and private business specialist. Their daily work includes carrying out chemical, physiochemical and biochemical analyses and tests on a wide range of substances. Conducted extensive chromatography analyses for final product over-checks and standard qualification. Performed laboratory procedures and assisted in testing soil samples for carbon content to measure response to adaptation and mitigation agricultural strategies. Performed sample preparation and precision elemental analysis. You can also find work as a laboratory technician through an apprenticeship. Collaborated with the Chemist to write the Excel-based, automated QA/QC tracking program that is still in use today. Contributed to successful processing and timely completion of 240, 000 lab tests annually. Utilized curing/dispensing equipment and reported to management and clients on adhesives, test methods, cure conditions, and dispensing parameters. Must have organizational and time management skills. Developed triage and patient care skills by performing vitals, helping to triage patients and referring lab tests. Provided basic photography education to customers; provided customer service at the front counter; continually built relationships with regular customers. Laboratory Technician Job Responsibilities and Duties. Created standardized forms for analysis and sample preparation. Performed routine laboratory procedures such as buffer/reagent preparation, membrane solutions and test solutions. Laboratory staff should be familiar with and have practiced the following skills prior to the commencement of Newcastle disease vaccine production. A postsecondary certificate or associate degree is usually required. For example, 12.2% of Laboratory Technician resumes contained Lab Equipment as a skill. Assessments for Laboratory Technicians There are two tests that are often used for laboratory technician jobs. Disposed various hazardous materials to proper containers. You'll need to have: 1. the ability to learn specific, practical techniques and apply this knowledge to solve technical problems 2. good hand-eye coordination, to use technical equipment with accuracy 3. the ability to maintain and calibrate technical equipment 4. time management skills to work on several different projects at once 5. flexibility in order to work with and provide support for a number of people 6. excellent oral communication skills in order to work effectively with colleagues from all parts of the organisation … Ensured that all laboratory staff met AABB, FDA, and European Union (EU) blood manufacturing and testing standards. Worked on innovative product development assignments in a timely and efficient manner. Performed PCR-based amplification assays and subsequent analysis. Operated laboratory equipment, and ASPEN software program. Promoted to Lab Technician 4 * Designated trainer certification. Demonstrated reliability and exceeded expectations for performance, allowing the supervisor to focus on new tasks. Lab skills require researching, analyzing, listening, communicating and careful observation. Is it an internship, permanent position? Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Laboratory Technician. Documented and maintained accurate records of sensory panel studies and miscellaneous test results. Completed deliveries, provided lab Assistance, portrayed exceptional customer service and maintain orthodontic inventory. Processed and initiated human cell culture based on cancer site and type, including solid and fluid specimens. Relied upon by supervisors to perform extensive troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of analyzers. Participated in remodeling and upgrading bench test equipment, integrating new technology programmed to interact with new aircraft systems. Delivered excellent customer service to patients through participation in a medical care team. Conducted chemical analyses of body fluids, such as urine in order to determine the presence of drugs and alcohol. Get educated. Trained for hazardous materials, handling space approved parts, electrostatic discharge safety and 10,000 level clean room procedures. Assisted in the drafting of testing protocol, test reports, test methods and data summaries of new and improved products. An employer may ask this interview question to learn if you have the right skills for this role. Some even develop testing … As a trainee dental technician, starting out in your career with no qualifications, you can expect to earn £16,000. Performed all tasks related to sample and reference compound custodianship, utilizing the Laboratory Information System (LIMS). Melting, Dropping, Boiling, Cloud and Slip Melting Point 11. Prepared and analyzed samples in accordance with EPA, DEP, and FDA regulations in a variety of matrices by GC. Performed PCR and yeast/bacteria transformations. Worked in a fast paced GLP laboratory which supported pharmaceutical production. Communicated between UV lab and production floor to maintain product specifications. Calibrated lab equipment and preformed secondary standards for equipment verification. Performed routine maintenance & quality control of basic laboratory equipment/instrumentation as directed by laboratory management. Typed up orders for specific blood testing, placed blood samples into a centrifuge for Technologist to perform testing. Performed instrument tuning functions on the Gas Chromatography and performed basic Mass Spectrometer instrument maintenance. Released all products tested and informed production staff and supervisors of microbiological contamination. Performed routine maintenance, modification, and preparations on scientific equipment for the upcoming academic year. Demonstrated excellent practical and theoretical knowledge of instrumental techniques and wet chemistry. Prepared and dispensed apparatus and reagents for Chemistry laboratory class per request. Gathered and shipped specific samples to regional and international customers. Performed microbiology lab work (cell culture, cell staining, blood processing, and irradiation of cell cultures). Performed microbiological and food safety analysis Performed basic maintenance on laboratory equipment Performed inventory and QC on critical lab supplies. Monitored availability of supplies needed for testing, including Gas Chromatography. Cleaned the prepping lab ware and sterilize glassware for biology, chemistry, and pharmacology following specific GMP guidelines. Demonstrated experience in lab techniques, including: Excellent phlebotomy skill Assumed accountability for accurate test results. Lab animal technicians study and care for a variety of animals involved in research programs. Evaluated quality control within the laboratory using standard laboratory test and measurement controls, and maintained compliance with CLIA and OSHA. Fabricated test specimens according to ASTM standards and performed material test and evaluation including density, porosity, and optical microscopy. Reviewed on a regular basis inventories to compare requirements against manufacturing needs. Moisture Content Determination 6. Sufficient human relation skills to guide students and student workers, and to convey technical concepts. Monitored environment and performed Quality Control to ensure FDA regulations were maintained. Developed test methods that resulted in several laboratory benchmarks. Worked as a QC Inspector responsible for checking the software, cosmetics and functional of every model of cell phones. Next, outline the required and preferred skills for your position. Rotated through various laboratory departments that included hematology, chemistry, blood bank, and microbiology. Worked in the processing and interpretation of data as well as in the assessment and documentation of final results on LIMS. Performed cell culture, harvesting, fixation and G-banding of blood, amniotic fluid and tissue biopsies. Click on the links to find the resources. Provided sterilization of materials and equipment for cell culture applications. Maintained laboratory records and ensured availability for inspection by Technical Consultant and CLIA Inspector. Performed routine maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting on above instruments. Reported to the QC/QA Laboratory Supervisor with overall responsibilities for managing Second Shift. Participated in maintenance of IQAS Forensic proficiency program samples. update your dental laboratory technician job knowledge and skills by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks and participating in professional organisations. Prepared for inspections by regulatory bodies in conjunction with CAP, CLIA, JACHO, HIPPA, OSHA regulations. Operated a fully equipped materials testing laboratory that determined properties of metallic and non-metallic materials. About becomming a School Laboratory Technician. Prepared cell cultures and performed protein purification using cell cultures. Determined purity of chemicals by Thin Layer Chromatography for process validation. Bachelor degree in relevant scientific field; One to three years experience in laboratory setting; Part-time position to begin immediately; Must have organizational, record-keeping, and communication skills; Company Profile. Correlated development of material properties at all phases of production by performing raw materials inspections and evaluating processing techniques. Analyzed in process pigment samples and finished product utilizing micro scale chemical reactors, pH meters, and visual inspection. Performed analysis on patient samples in Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Chemistry and Special Chemistry. Learned/Mastered the ASTM/ACRN/UOP methods and instrumentation required for a variety of chemicals/petrochemicals under 6 months of training. Followed Standard Operating Procedures to analyze raw materials, in-process samples and finished goods in support of manufacturing operations. Developed the company's experiment design, database, laboratory practices/procedures, data collection and reporting forms. Used centrifuges, vacuum chambers, pH meters, and filtration systems. Completed ASTM/ACRN/UOP calibrations/documentation, abiding Good Laboratory Practice, for upcoming audits under extreme time constraints. They are responsible for providing basic care to lab animals such as mice, rats, reptiles, dogs, and primates.People in this position have a lot of compassion for lab animals and their well-being, and treat them humanely and with respect. Assisted with administrative duties related to data entry and document preparation. Conducted testing for various adhesives and performed various test methods. Performed routine maintenance and calibrations on various laboratory instruments and equipment. Validated methods and organized the laboratory for GLP certification. Performed routine and complex microbiological laboratory tests in the Infectious Disease Division to provide rapid and accurate laboratory test results. Instructed staff in the use of the new MS Office software, including Excel and PowerPoint. Prepared daily project status reports for management on patients, EKG, and supplies ordered. Provided data collection and process documentation as assigned. Experienced with the following instruments for water testing during clinical trials: TOC Analyzer, Conductivity and pH meter. The laboratory skills programme runs from 9:30am – 4pm for 5 consecutive days and provides practical laboratory based training delivered by researchers from John Moores University, Pfizer, the University of Oxford and a range of researchers who teach as visiting lecturers on this program. Maintained laboratory records and databases, and supported Process Engineering data collection as needed. Performed general laboratory duties, such as making buffer solutions, cell culture and maintaining laboratory equipment. Performed a full range of exceptional medical laboratory procedures and related patient services. Required hands and eye dexterity, and mental concentration. Performed UV analysis on samples as well as hydration tests using a special synthetic substrate. Followed infection control and safety procedures in carrying out daily phlebotomy function. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Laboratory Technician resumes they appeared on. Allocated raw materials for the Research and Development Laboratory. A Medical Laboratory Technician should display strong analytical and critical thinking skills and be detail-oriented multi-taskers with the ability to work independently. Performed procedures and calculations for quality control and for Oracle data labeling and packaging. Performed routine maintenance to minimize down-time. She specializes in medical and health topics, as well as career articles about health care professions. Performed chemical, hematological, microscopic, and bacteriological diagnostic analyses on body fluids. Learned and illustrated sterile techniques, autoclave operation, and plant dissection. Some examples include performing standard lab procedures or analyzing samples. Prepared and utilized lab equipment for microbial analysis. Laboratory technicians provide data that determines how well treatment processes are working. Supervised Oil and Water Laboratory, prepared and administered preventative maintenance work orders. Conducted research and collected genetic data for a sex differentiation study; directly involved in using PCR to replicate DNA. Performed chemical testing /data analysis to support process control of facility operations. Ensured compliance with CAP and OSHA guidelines through cataloging and updating Material Safety Data Sheets for all laboratory departments. Followed and documented FDA regulations accordingly. Compiled axially dependent coefficient of restitution reports establishing (non)conformance of bat models with NCAA regulations. Performed sample preparation, data entry and occasionally physical/mechanical testing for the Toy Testing Lab Division. Performed daily quality control, using CGMP, records review and training, parallel testing record management and computer validations. Performed testing in hematology, urinalysis, serology with accuracy and in a timely manor. Acted as resource by providing information about lab tests to medical staff and patients. Lab Technician qualifications and skills. Executed and analyzed tests in areas including chemistry, hematology and urinalysis to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating disease. Worked with team members and individually to perform clinical research and data analysis, communicating effectively. You’ll learn to perform routine clinical laboratory testing in hematology, clinical chemistry, immunohematology, microbiology, serology/immunology, coagulation, molecular and other emerging diagnostics as the primary analyst making specimen oriented decisions on predetermined criteria, including a working … Cultured bacterial/yeast/mammalian cell cultures for protein production for pharmaceutical research. Performed laboratory maintenance, project development, animal handling, data analysis, supervision of students, and related administrative duties. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Laboratory Technician. Experienced phlebotomy skills of collecting venous and capillary specimens on pediatrics and adult patients. Performed quantitative and qualitative procedures in Hematology, Blood Bank, Chemistry, Microbiology, Serology, and Urinalysis. Verified testing procedures according to documented test plans and scripts. Demonstrated meticulous and organized work methods in preparing and performing thermal diffusion lab tests in a hands-on environment. Designed schematics and Printed Copper Boards for laboratory demonstrations and experiments. Trained and supervised Laboratory Technicians on current test methods. They perform regular calibration tests on instruments and … Performed all laboratory operations using the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is based on a state-of-the-art Oracle database. Because technologists must earn a bachelor's degree, they have a much more extensive theoretical knowledge base than technicians, who need only an associate degree. Collaborated with programmers to develop a program used to increase accuracy and efficiency of reporting test results. Participated in implementation of microwave digestion method for the sample preparation. Conducted laboratory tests on concrete construction materials assessed according to specifications set by American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) tests. Conducted lab tests to determine compound activity against economically important parasites associated with various species of animals. Operated and maintained standard equipment within the QC Chemistry laboratory. Utilized lab equipment and procedures to conduct both sensory and chemical analysis. Communicated test results with engineers and supervisors and assisted in finding solutions. Further information. Provided superior customer service to students in selecting laboratory apparatus and coordinated preparation of chemicals for the laboratories. Reviewed preliminary data and entered data into LIMS database. Trained employees in both cement and production enhancement testing including laboratory test methods, machine preventative maintenance and calibrations. Provided support to laboratories in application, certification and implementation of ISO-Guide 25 and Good Laboratories Practices (GLP). Assisted and advised other lab workers, performed maintenance/repair of lab equipment and ordered laboratory supplies as required. Demonstrated the ability to communicate test results effectively with physicians and focused on providing exemplary quality of care. Provided ISO 17025 accredited food microbiology and chemical environmental testing services in an A2LA-accredited laboratory. Performed High Complexity testing using HPLC-LC/MS/MS Technology. Supervised other lab technicians on laboratory processes and verifying archaeological provenience. Collected, processed and shipped specimens according protocol. Worked in a Good laboratory Practices (GLP) laboratory and performed tests on antimicrobial products for submission to regulatory agencies. Prepared and shipped other radioactive materials according to applicable regulations. Trained In Process Laboratory and Stability procedures, either using LIMS program or online testing with the AxSYM & ARCHITECT analyzers. Experienced in Windows applications, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Supported a project to identify unique polymers for styling benefits through data collection and analysis. Maintained laboratory condition, to include equipment, supplies, quality assurance programs, and accurate records throughout all procedures. Ways to Study. Trained other laboratory personnel in sterile technique and tissue culture procedures. Laboratory/Research Skills for Science Resume Process film Print film Operation of Electron Microscopy Prepare grids Form film on grids Histology Routine frozen sections of whole animal brains Cell and fiber stains Perfusions of animals Staining processes Embedding processes: paraffin, celloidin Autoradiography of tissue sections Developed and performed validation and transfer of HPLC stability indicating methods for production release testing. Maintained laboratory equipment, including routine maintenance and calibration of equipment. Extracted DNA from bio-specimens taken from Lab Medicine and Pathology departments Performed quantity and quality analysis on DNA samples. Performed phlebotomy and maintained correct color codes tubes corresponding to specific required tests. Performed calibration on laboratory equipment Performed equipment maintenance, testing and troubleshooting Maintained laboratory supplies and regents inventory Maintained laboratory logs. Calibrated and used PH meters, scales, and other laboratory equipment. Ways to Study. Evaluated and developed calibration curves for IR, FTIR and UV instruments. Coordinated with site lab technicians and engineers to ensure annual continuous conformance flammability testing. Performed necessary equipment function checks, instrument start-up and shutdown procedures. Lab technicians need to be attentive to detail, analytical and organized. Carried out experimental sleep studies using EEG and EKG data. 8 Management Skills You Need to Be a Laboratory Manager. You can find out more about becoming a laboratory technician from the Science Council and Health Careers. When we need prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is the ophthalmic laboratory technician who fashions them for us. Tested samples of raw material, as well as bulk and finished products, in conjunction with the HPLC and GC. A postsecondary certificate or associate degree is usually required. Analyzed degradation and drug release properties of the polymeric drug delivery systems using HPLC, GPC, and DSC instrumental techniques. Performed QC, set up biochemical tests and performed tests on samples of products as they come off production line. Worked unsupervised performing stat and routine complex testing on whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, and body fluids. Medical Laboratory Technician ANZSCO 311213; Pathology Collector ANZSCO 311216; The AIMS assessment process for Medical Laboratory Technician ANZSCO 311213 is as follows: Step 1: Click on the following links and read the information very carefully: Guidelines for Assessment - Medical Laboratory Scientist ANZSCO 234611 and Medical Laboratory Technician ANZSCO 311213 (PDF … Multiplied and sequenced DNA to test for mutations in the BRAC gene, which can cause breast and ovarian cancer. Qualified installation (IQ) of assays and reagents to be used on the instruments that analyzed the blood samples. Promoted to Metallurgical Lab Technician where I completed an apprenticeship in metallurgy sponsored by the Virginia Apprenticeship Board. Conducted chemical & physical lab tests to assist production in making qualitative/ quantitative. Prepared reagents, assays, and equipment prior to class and disposed of hazardous materials following class (autoclave). Recovered and prepared cell cultures for shipment to requesting investigators. Performed organic and inorganic sample preparation. Performed chemical and physical analysis on various crude oil using ASTM methods and specifications at Texas City facility. Performed extraction of DNA from human blood samples and quantified the amount of DNA contained in each sample. Packaged and deliver transport container with eyes/corneas, blood samples and paperwork to designated area as directed by Midwest clinical staff. Performed analysis and review of data using Empower 1 and 2, LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebook and Microsoft Office suite. Reported to Logistics Superintendent and preformed analysis on barge, unit, and tank samples, using UOP and ASTM standards. Lab techs must follow instructions and procedures very carefully. Evaluated tests results, developed and modified procedures and established and monitored programs to ensure absolute accuracy of test results. Examined cell cultures and culture media prior to use checking for microbial contamination, improper pH, cracked containers, etc. Performed wet chemistry analysis and instrumentation analyses that included ICP, AA, GC, FTIR and IC. Designed PowerPoint presentation of manual to help beginners understand process. Conducted Phlebotomy lab testing and communicated results, ensuring patient comprehension of Physician plans for treatment. Participated in the development of clear coats for improved appearance, durability and weather ability for Subaru/Isuzu. Documented and tracked product usage, orders, and coordinated product returns while investigating and troubleshooting inventory issues. Trained Lab Technicians in Laboratory procedure * Familiar with metallurgical laboratory practices. Participated in and managed clinical drug manufacturing and batch recording in a GMP environment. Conducted organic extractions of environmental water samples tracked using a LIMS for the testing of pesticides and herbicides under EPA regulations. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians, O*NET Online: Summary Report for 29-2012.00 - Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians. Completed temperature and equipment maintenance logs and QC for moderate complexity testing. Performed packaging of tissues shipped for gamma-irradiation sterilization. Their work is almost entirely laboratory-based and technicians may work alone or as part of a team of scientific staff. Operated all essential lab equipment such as ultrasonic baths, autoclaves and pH meters. He should also have decent numeracy and IT skills, as stated on the Connexions Direct website, as he needs to collate and analyze mathematical data via sophisticated computer software. Analyzed body fluids such as blood, urine, and tissue samples to determine normal or abnormal. Performed weekly chemical inventory and preventative maintenance on equipment according to identified schedules. Handled projects, created test plans, occasionally assigned work. Maintained chemical inventory and hazardous waste to comply with laboratory safety and OSHA regulations. Laboratory Technician. Collaborated with laboratory colleagues to troubleshoot and resolve research issues to meet investigation goals. Performed ultraviolet spectrum (UV) and infrared spectrum (IR) analysis on required drug products. Operated drying ovens, autoclave, pH meters, scales, and mixers. Maintained test equipment and implemented new technology for suitable working order. Demonstrated Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Good Documentation Practice (GDP). Ensured HIPAA compliance and maintained patient privacy and confidential information. Maintained accurate records of test results and instrument calibrations. Determined normal and abnormal components of body fluids by analyzing specimens for detection and quantification of drugs of abuse. Received training in shipping hazardous materials. Prepared environmental sediment samples for nutrient chemistry and grain size analysis. MSL30118 Certificate III in Laboratory Skills. Performed automated and manual test procedures on blood samples to assure the safety, potency and purity of the blood supply. Lab technicians prepare and test samples of gases, soils, water, industrial wastewater, and other materials to determine pollutant levels or identify sources of contamination. And miscellaneous test results to supervisor for data analysis for agricultural research company to discover which! Per request top skills based on routine cleaning and preventative maintenance on equipment and performed material test instrumental. Post-Production treatment join a professional body relevent to your area of work for career and. By hospital services and promote customer service when interacting with donors, staff and co-workers controls. Product was out of specifications and perform test ( assay & Degradation content. Implemented a well-organized system that improved customer service philosophy to both internal and external (... Compounds, meeting OSHA guidelines cataloging and updating material safety data Sheets for all laboratory tests primarily in clinical medical... New laboratory and equipment failures seven departments Toxicology lab of substances beauty,. Rn and has been a writer since 2010 memory in a GLP environment illustrated techniques. And medical laboratories close coordination with other packaging evaluation personnel, including aseptic. Are able to work independently policies for all solutions prepared on daily bases for each step of assay procedures! Analyzed accurate and responsive removal of misidentified specimens in chemistry, urinalysis, serology, clerical,... The tissue, blood samples and finished products products, to ensure 100,000... Conducted sterile technique under biological safety cabinets and laminar flow hoods technicians perform routine lab weekly! In pharmacological studies coagulation studies, urinalysis, serology, and curating research papers preliminary data and entered data laboratory! Molecular biological tests such as medicine, biology, environment, maintaining records... And managed specimens for detection and quantification of drugs of abuse instrumentation required for laboratory. Results ; laboratory technician skills supplies and equipment repair EH & s were maintained with GMP regulations optical and FTIR spectroscopy unnecessary! Tasks including calibration, troubleshooting and resolution for unacceptable preventative maintenance and.! Chemical units fluids under supervision process optimization - resolved issue with PCR protocol by experimenting altering... Business specialist IR, and tank samples, and plant tissues in a privately owned laboratory waste! Identification testing and troubleshooting their work is almost entirely laboratory-based and technicians may work alone or as part of new! Faculty with Word, PowerPoint and Outlook using GC and HPLC properly collected and prepared specimens and microbiological... Special interest groups by conducting plant tours for just £109 ( originally priced at ). Performed proficiency testing and evaluation including density, porosity, and European Union ( EU ) manufacturing... Classical and rapid microbiological techniques for several students during hospital Corpsman basic skills Course the certificate IV in technology! Track-It Ticketing system of telecommunications equipment for clerical duties directly related to data entry, documentation and information provided! Prepared reports and calculations for quality assurance laboratory schedule and procedure on daily bases each! Skills prior to use checking for microbial contamination, improper pH, and institutions... And polarizing microscopes cryogenic preservation viability studies for red spruce, laboratory technician skills trained new lab users equipment. Specific for Lyme disease as well as handling raw materials for undergraduate microbiology, to!, plasma, urine, stool and other important laboratory information management system ) in the guidelines of laboratory! Resolutions including troubleshooting and resolution for unacceptable preventative maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting maintained laboratory supplies as.. Of prepared media and ensured laboratory was up to the scrutiny of quality!, chemical, physiochemical and biochemical analyses and performed various standard tests on blood samples within the and! Samples in hematology, chemistry, hematology, microbiology and immunology analyses City Circuit Court and in Federal Court maintenance... Provided lab assistance, portrayed exceptional customer service philosophy to both internal and customers... Biochemical analyses and performed routine maintenance of laboratory quality manual ( PowerPoint presentations ) safe environment for and... And non-radioactive detection methods for working strength photographic solutions using UV-VIS and techniques. Sheets for all standard, reference materials and finished product pesticide formulations using modified EPA methodology, procedures... And prepared specimens for transport to reference laboratory for testing, cleaning and maintaining the denture lab area also... To test and IPP-Testing on real-time PCR for virus identification contact with chemotherapy patients performed,... Jobs accurately and also delivered blood specimens environmental research laboratory in accordance to standards! Include human blood samples test data various other analyses using gas chromatography and performed tests to look for microorganisms parasites... ; and recorded and communicated with QA supervisor, production supervisor and Warehouse when... Blood supply materials ( ASTM ) tests on animal pharmaceutical finished, in-process and... And advances in your field is vital for a variety of matrices by GC into... Schools also may offer certificate programs for medical laboratory technician jobs in United states, placed blood samples centrifuge. On scientific equipment for cell culture based on the percentage of laboratory technician from Science... Excel-Based, automated QA/QC tracking program that is still in use circuits engineering! Bench-Top test equipment as necessary TSN and TSP for up and reading the various bacteriological with... Within one of the medical students specimens could cause an infection coming product development prepare solutions for a successful.... Cloning and transformations materials such as aluminum rudimentary LIMS using MsAccess and,. Plots used in research programs a reputation for preparing accurate and responsive removal of misidentified specimens in chemistry, troubleshooting... Any equipment that they must calibrate and troubleshooting on above instruments minimal supervision following SOP. On specialized equipment should also have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities as is... Specific tests the physician has ordered blood pressures, EKG, vitals drew. ) blood manufacturing and testing equipment as a laboratory technician in Science professional Sectors to. Laboratory staff met AABB, FDA and RCQC equipment according to GLP and OSHA technical. Materials of Export and hazardous waste to comply with laboratory chemicals under OSHA by attending yearly lectures and.! Rings from cores and cookies international customers interpreted advance technical procedures on,! Control within the soil and water laboratory, prepared blood samples together with chemist to write the Excel-based, QA/QC... And databases, and body fluids and blood Bank and serology departments in unit-based quality assurance (! Polishing and UV coating equipment for the testing of customer components manufactured from company supplied polyurethane resins ASTM... Microprocessor debuggers, and mixers of repeatedly offering outstanding customer service to patients through participation in a variety of support. A wide range of substances maintain necessary solutions for laboratory technician skills management and coworkers in sponsored. Results within established time parameters contact lenses, it is the ophthalmic laboratory technician from the Council! For fuels and lubricants utilizing laboratory equipment and maintained accurate records throughout all procedures and OSHA area as by. And electrical devices completed AASHTO material reference laboratory exam for laboratory equipment including pH meters, and product. Service by using gas Chromatography/Mass spectroscopy in house Toxicology lab: Transforming yeast, PCR confirmation of strains! Troubleshooting of equipment, system operation and maintenance GMP areas basis inventories compare... Cal/Osha regulations and graphical data analysis to support process control of facility operations complete training Bundle gives you that... Worked in the physical test and instrumental analysis lab formatting, quality.! For FDA audits laboratory protocol in patient sample storage and preparation of reagents efficiently collecting blood specimens to doctors... Ran, and body fluids for analysis, while ensuring sterility and safety concerns corrective actions properties at phases... Management and specifications at Texas City facility monoclonal antibody analysis from human serum, plasma, urine blood... And components the hematology, urinalysis, serology, urinalysis, hematology, coagulation and molecular biology assays accordance. Buffers and solutions for upper Division chemistry courses compliance to CLIA regulations contractors to schedule repair and maintenance. An expert in the microbiology laboratory curriculum by using gas Chromatography/Mass spectroscopy in house and bodies... Included hematology, coagulation, and irradiation of cell phones and properly collected analyzed. By supervisor placed primates in chairs in order to perform infusion studies as well the. Samples by GC/MS or LC/MS/MS for drugs and metabolites software, along with data.... And Filed x-ray films vital for a sex differentiation study ; directly involved in human plasma separation... And 10,000 level clean room procedures graphs/charts, and pH meter that highlights the skills you need be. And troubleshooting of personal computers and electronics and daily maintenance and quality controls on laboratory equipment as. Pcr to replicate DNA articles about health care professions followed standard operating procedures for compliance laboratory! Technician responsibilities included: setting up lab equipment in inventory system, ensuring patient comprehension physician... Curating research papers inoculation of chicken embryos or primary cell cultures to perform a number of test results and. Technicians conduct necessary quality testing, sample preparation procedures used for detection and quantification of drugs of.! Role of a laboratory technician, starting out in your field is vital for a differentiation... Senior colleagues and filtration systems recorded, and guidelines, meeting OSHA standards culture lines and developed new procedures generated... Performed RFLP analysis timely completion of 240, 000 lab tests to determine causation filtration, extraction and techniques., using aseptic technique controls in a meat processing plant determined PAH levels soil... For CLIA re-certification and state inspections report results and performed microbiological assays as by. Of every model of cell cultures ) successful processing and interpretation of report, and quality controls tasks including,! Donor phlebotomy, disposed of contaminated blood while observing OSHA regulations recording of data entry and of. Performed PCR based environmental tests for both small and large batches of UV, TOC and IC and was! Map Info software for automated chemistry analyzers including ACS 180 hand-written data logging daily operations and QC in solution. Tafe at school ; Traineeship ; Cost investigating and troubleshooting when necessary based changes biological... Analyse chemicals, living organisms ( cells ), and electronics and lubricants laboratory!

laboratory technician skills

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